Jul 25, 2012

Syria: Libya 2.0 - Media Hysteria Over Syria "Bombing" City of Aleppo

 If tired WMD lies won't convince the public to back foreign intervention, perhaps recycled lies from Libya? by Tony Cartalucci July 24, ...
RT LtHussamov This is a not very accurate map that highlights #FSA presence in #Aleppo. Nothing official, just my own work. pic.twitter.com/taS4KK1w
Fishing for a Pretext

Between lies revolving around distorted statements regarding chemical weapons, fabricated atrocities, and now claims of airstrikes being used upon "civilian populations," the West is desperately running down the list for a "casus belli" that will stick. The Syrian government, after a year and a half of being undermined by foreign interests and hordes of foreign militants, has maintained both the faith and trust the majority of its population has put into it. If it is deploying airstrikes, it can be assured they are doing so with keeping that faith and trust intact - and as the West often claims in the midst of its military adventures, doing so to minimize as much as possible collateral damage. 

Recent attacks by the FSA have aimed at undermining that faith and truth, and militants in the northern city of Aleppo have purposefully moved to the commercial center of the city to draw in the heavy weapons necessary to neutralize them. While the Western press portrays this move toward the center of Aleppo as "progress," it should be noted that the Syrian military operates out of bases on the city's outskirts.

This means the further militants push toward the center of the city, the further from engaging the military directly they become. While the FSA claims they are "liberating" Aleppo, even the Western media concedes it is a bastion of government support. This indicates that terrorism, intimidation, and panic, not "liberation" are the FSA's goals in Aleppo, and that the government is justified to take any measures necessary to stop them.

Conversely, NATO and its allies see Syria's vigorous defense capabilities as an obstacle to Western-planned regime change - therefore if neutralizing them through covert  means is not possible, they will attempt to neutralize them by declaring them a threat to "civilians," invoking "Responsibility to Protect," and initiating foreign military intervention.
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