Jul 2, 2011

GADDAFI' s SPEECH 1th july 2011 Tripoli


It's the day of anger, it's the day of great challenge, a day to show the pride of the great Libyans, to show the brave, to show the existence of Libyans, a day of dignity, a day of pride in our martyrs.

This is a historical letter, it will be engraved ...in human history, directed by the Libyan people, for life and for the world of the six continents of the earth.  History will write that July 1st 2011 was a significant day. It will be on the face of history that one people of the peoples of the earth sent a powerful message with the courage to challenge, under the bombardment of NATO planes.
It will be known in the history of NATO, known in the history of its 28 nuclear states. Yet its planes and missiles and bombs are being crushed under the courage of the Libyan people and the pride of the Great Libyan people. 

Listen O world to the voice of the Libyan people, the great Libyans, free Libyans, people who decided to live with pride and to live and die free, Allah Akbar.   My friends in Europe, my poor friend Berlusconi, turn on the Libya channel, Sarkozy-the poor, my friend, turn on the channel of Libya, but I recommend you take tranquilizers before you watch the Libya channel, because you will be shocked, shocked because you have weak nerves and will not bear what you'll be seeing on the channel of Libya-the challenge of Libyan people. Millions are marching, it's the power of the Libyan people that you are witnessing in North Africa. 

As to you my son Obama, ask the employers of the White House to turn on the Libyan channel for you as I am speaking to you live right now so you can see the facts for yourself. You will know that you are right when you withdraw from the madness and insanity of NATO and Europe. 

And you in Britain, what's your name already? Camera? Oh Cameron. 

Watch the Libyan channel on Downing street. Watch if your nerves are strong enough to stand what you will see.   You-Berlusconi, Sarkozy, Cameron and others, you are chasing a mirage.
 You must be dreaming. You are wrong to involve yourself in a battle you cannot afford, you don't even have experience in this battle. Withdraw now, go home, this is my advice to you. Everything you have will be destroyed. The people could carry this battle across the Mediterranean and could spread it to Europe. 

We could trespass our boundaries into your homes and offices. Your families could be legitimate military targets just like our office, house and children were legitimate military targets. Reciprocal treatment, a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye, and the darker the partner. 
Child for child, family for family, house for house. If we wanted to, we could do it. 

We are able to move to Europe, such as locusts and bees. But I advise you to withdraw before such a disaster.   First of all, look at the Libyan people. 
Are these people ruled by a dictator? 
Are these people suppressed? 
These people came from everywhere without an order from Muammar Gaddafi. I am myself impressed by all these people marching. Crowds, women, men, families, children. Look at the families, look at the children in the crowds everywhere. 
Who asked them to come? 
Is it Muammar Gaddafi? 
They came by the numbers to challenge you. This is courage. This day is a memorable day of Libyans sending a universal and historical message.   

It will be written in history that after 100 days of successive bombardment, with rockets and bombs, day and night; families, men women, children took to the streets and squares, filling each street and square. Not only in Tripoli, but in all the Libyan cities, villages and oases. 
Facing the Libyan people will be a big loss for you, you will lose the battle, it's the first time you are faced with an armed people. These people have machine guns, knives, axes. 

This is the crowd you will have to face.     i advise you if you want peace, and you want things to return to what they were 100 days ago, then talk with the Libyan people. 
Not with Muammar Gaddafi, Muammar Gaddafi doesn't represent the Libyan people.
 Muammar Gaddafi is a symbol for Libyans.
 Look at the people, these are the people, so deal with Libyans, these people are members of 2000 tribes, deal with the tribal elders, deal with the leadership of the people, the tribal elders in the main meeting with the Basic People's Congress. 

I don't want to rule Libyan people and I can't say "accept this" or "reject that" or "negotiate here". 
Libyans decide for themselves.
 I handled everything until 1977. Since 1977 I handed the power over to the people.  

 If you want peace, come and negotiate with the Libyan people, if you want oil, come and negotiate with the Libyan people, you want democracy, come negotiate with the Libyan people. Anything you want has to be negotiated with the Libyan people. If you want to learn about democracy, ask the Libyans about the Basic People's Congresses. 
All Libyans are part of a live democracy, not under the rule of Gaddafi but the system of the Libyan people. The political system is in the hands of the people, that's why it will not fall. Even if some ran, fear who fear, fall who fall, it will not matter. 
If 100 ambassadors defected, the Libyan people would be able to replace them with 1000 ambassadors by the next day. It's not a problem. 

In Italy, if the Minister of Interior resigned, the Italian government would collapse. In Libya, if the Secretary leaves, the Basic People's Congress can have him replaced by a number of Secretaries. This is because the system in Libya is the system of Libyans- a direct popular democracy. 

It's a system that you don't know, your own people are protesting against you, and you see what the Libyans are doing with Muammar Gaddafi in the fields and squares.  

 Compare your European demonstrations to the demonstrations of Libya. Your people don't carry your pictures, they are against you. They would tear your pictures and want you to go down, they are demonstrating everywhere asking for real democracy. 

What is real democracy? 
The answer is in the democratic system of Libya, it should be applied to the EU. Your people should be telling you that people need to rule themselves, as the Libyans do, through Popular Conferences and People's committees. Conferences decide and the committees  carry out the decisions, lf Libyans want to change any part of the system they can, nobody can represent the Libyan people but themselves.  

 You are provoking the Libyan people , you insulted the Libyan people, you brought traitor agents who claimed they represented the Libyan people. 
Is this what you call democracy? 
You bring a traitor with your aircraft and you say that he represents the Libyan people? 
Is this democracy? 
To hell with your democracy! 

All people should have a seat in the government, that is democracy! The experience of Libyans will win over Europeans and Americans, Asians and the rest of the world. The theory of the Libyan people will win. The revolution of the Libyan people will win- the revolution of the great Fateh will win over the world. Even the French Revolution provoked a reaction in Europe, encountering royal and fascist resistance, but in the end the revolution of France triumphed ,the  Era of republics was born, and bourgeois republics became the prevailing system in the world following the French Revolution.   Now the Libyan people present to you the Jamahirya, the next level after the republic. Whether you resist it or not, this next step is inevitable and all the people will become a Jamahiriya. The People's Congress will prevail instead of parties, the parties will fall. Parties are reactionary tools. This is a democracy where the popular conference decide and the people's committees apply those decisions- unless the Libyan people want to change it. The Libyan people are free. They made the system and can change it.   

I advise you to stop your aircraft and don't let anyone fool you and turn you into mercenaries. The ones who own the money are made heads of state in Europe. 
I advise you to deal with the Libyan people, starting tomorrow, especially after the African Summit, the first decision of the African summit should be to reject the so-called International Criminal Court's decision as false and as a tool of colonialism. After that, you will want to know how you can negotiate with the Libyan people, they have a Basic People's Congress, all Libyans are part of it-men and women. 

You will ask me how one can deal with the Basic People's congress- through the General People's Congress. You will need to get through the Secretary of the General People's Congress. You may tell me that this is not going to happen, and will ask me if there is any other way.

There are over 2000 tribes in Libya , tribes form the Forum of Tribes from Tobruk to Zawara, you will ask me how to get to the forum of Libyan tribes, you will get it through the secretary the tribes have formed .  
I will give you the address ,I will not intervene-never.
 I gave the power to the people, I trust the people, and everything belongs to the people, dignity to the people, oil to the people, land to the people , future to the people, if you want to find a solution, deal with the Libyan people. 
Don't depend on the traitors you have brought, those will never be accepted by the people, or by Benghazi. No land will accept them. 
They have deceived you. This is the people.  

They do not accept to be represented by any one, no one talks on the behalf of the people. Representation is a fraud. Watch the Libyan Channel. 
I advise you my friends to watch the Libyan channel.    

 Bombing isn't the solution, aircrafts aren't the solution. 
The fifth column of mercenaries in the mountains haven't done anything for you. Hitting what you hit has no benefit for you, your psychological warfare isn't benefiting you, your lies lies lies are not benefiting you. Search for an exit to these problems. I'm helping you seek out a solution. 

 Look, look at the streets full of people, look at European countries- streets full of people against their rulers, I challenge you, look at my people, they carry my pictures.  Today's event will be memorized by the world , they recorded that in the History of Humanity. For the first time they can observe a flag that is 4.5 kilometers long. 

This flag you see wasn't made by Gaddafi. Yesterday I heard women sold their gold to buy green linen, to connect the flag of 4.5 KM, Just imagine- women sold their gold to make this flag , and shops donated some linen to make this long flag.
 Was this made by Gaddafi? 
This was made by the people-to get rid of this conspiracy and dirty game you are playing.   Don't deal with Muammar Gaddafi, deal with the Libyan people.They are now challenging you. 
Do you see now the anger of the Libyan people, do you see the dignity of the Libyan people? No blockade on sea or earth will benefit you. 
This is the people, so leave everything. Stop bombing and deal with the Libyan people. Ask the Libyan people for forgiveness. We think it's easy, we think it's a game, we never thought of it as dangerous. Look at the crowds as impressive as the Atlantic Ocean. NATO has the Atlantic ocean, we have the Atlantic ocean right here too. 
This is SATO against NATO. This is SATO of the masses, have you ever seen a crowd like this before? Only it's against you.    You my brothers, I talk to you now, if you want to end this crisis, the solution is in your hands, as you come here to the green square, fighting in the western mountains , France dropping weapons by parachutes, take the weapons away from them, if you want to exempt them-you can, and if you don't then it's up to you. 

If you fight on the western mountain with a million  people you could liberate it up to Dheba .Then this problem would be over, and our families who are in Tunisia and ran from the traitors and the Fifth column who are now revealing themselves, now they are the same as French soldiers they are mercenaries of France. Traitors just like the traitors who were with the Italians. 
Now it's clear they are with the French soldiers, it's just like we are fighting the French soldiers in the Western Mountains. 

The ones who got killed by them are in paradise and the ones who got killed by us are in hell. Their women in Tunisia work for Tunisian women , yesterday Tunisian women used to work for Libyan women. 
Where is the man who turned our Libyan women into washers and slaves for the Tunisians? 
This is who you should be trying to capture, search for him, he has insulted you. Now, in Tunisia, Libyan refugees are begging for money from Tunisian women. They are servants of Tunisia.

 Who is to blame for all of this? The traitors who are working with NATO.   Fight now on the Western Mountains, clean it lane by lane, then move on and liberate Misurata.
 Liberate families of Misurata that are begging us for help, defenseless without weapons, take the weapons away from the gangs, and liberate Misurata. They have stolen your goods, that have your iron and steel plants. If someone touches the oil in Brega or Alwahat, or the oil which comes through Alzawyia, you should be fighting there. No one should be toying with your oil. 
Oil is your livelihood and your children's future, you have to secure the oil of the people. Millions should be fighting to protect the oil. Prepare yourself, men and women to settle the battle-it's in your hands.
The victory is near if you resist and fight, fight against those who side with NATO, then NATO will have no one to depend on. They will know that there is a united and brave people challenging them. NATO will surrender and go home, then the solution is in your hands. 

You can settle this battle in several days, the bombing will stop and the blockage will end. Everything will stop when you control all your land, then they'll come and say they want to deal with you since you are the owners of your land. They'll see they were wrong and never thought Libyans capable of this. 
Oh thanks! Thanks! I see your hands, I see your hands. Thanks! Thanks! Live! Live! Oh you see!  

Look, look at what the women have written on their hands, and you there- your people are insulting you, your people are insulting you. Let's end this battle quickly. This is not the battle of a regular army, this is a battle from inside houses, made of families. Crowds gather and shield buildings . Take the children and make their bed, thanks moms, I see you, I see you, oh I see the pictures. 
Only, let them see, in the EU and the USA and the whole world, let them see, we have to finish the battle as soon as possible, and the battle is in our hands, if they want to negotiate with us then they are welcome to do so. They are the losers, they are hopeless with their mercenaries and by dropping arms via parachutes. 

 Even with their bombs and rockets, they have tried and have failed for 100 days straight. Nothing they possess will subdue the will of the Libyan people. Hurry and fight on the mountains and in Musurata, then everything will be finished. Benghazi will come, it's not impossible. 

Everyday Benghazi marches through the daily explosions. That means that traitors didn't exist there, Sarkozy put them there. They will rule the Libyan people, is that reasonable? It's nonsense!  

Prepare men and women to fight in front of the world, as you are fighting now. Fight tomorrow and after. The day soon will come, in all the places where traitors and the 5th column and on to the mercenaries who are killing your sons everyday. Everyday they are killing your sons through NATO aircrafts, and under the protection of NATO aircrafts. 

Take their weapons away, all tribes should fight, the mass should be fighting-men and women. This is our historical duty, we will not betray our great past, we will not betray the sacrifices of our grandfathers, and we will not fail our children and the future generations. We will not fail the future and betray our past. Here are the brave and proud, we are the owners of our rights, we are in our land, the land of our ancestors. 
We will never leave it, and we will die for it, this is our duty- our duty! 
Glory to you brave Libyans, glory to you Libyans, this is glory, this is bravery, this is pride. 
Keep going! Keep going! The struggle continues until victory!

  Libya : Tripoli Kadhafi Speech [01-07-2011] كلمة الأخ قائد الثورة http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iVgGLPAEqg   A Historic Day : A flag to a length of 4500 meters worthy of the Guinness Book of Records. Over a million and a half Pro-Gaddafi and anti-NATO demonstrators. And a great speech of brother Muammar Gaddafi.

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